Tuesday, 23 September 2008


It was my first trip to Paris and I was alone in the taxi from airport to my hotel at about 00:45 night. I was a little scared as well to be true. I did not know that I would come across Eiffel Tower on the way. And suddenly I could see the top tower from between the buildings on the road. It was sparkling with colourful lights. It seemed like a million twinkling colourful stars on the Eiffel. My taxi took a turn and I could not get more than that glimpse. My trip was only for a day so I could not see it again, though I came back in the morning to see Eiffel, but obviously the lighting was not there.

After that first visit, I went to Paris about 3-4 times in 3 years. But only last time did I get the time and opportunity to capture the twinkling Eiffel. I made sure I had enough time to visit Eiffel during the night to capture the twinkling stars in my camera. It was only there for 15 minutes. Everyone was ready with their cameras. So was I. It was a beautiful experience. I wish to be there again soon.

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